Okay, here it comes…….. Omgomgomgomgomg!!! Squeeeeeee!

These are Time Squad figures: I have everyone. (Daleks/Davros not shown)

timesquadHere’s a better picture from cyberdrone.deviantart.com as my phone takes rubbish photos. Dr__Who_Time_Squad_Figures_by_CyberDroneNothing new has been released since 2010. But my long wait is finally over!!!

tsfigAnd I will tell you that no release has thrilled me as much as this since the release of the 5″ Ace figure! I love these little guys! And I have wanted more for a very very long time!

(Okay, a couple years!! But it feels like eons!)

So it looks like there will be Doctors #11 and 12, Clara, a green version of the Odd (formerly released), a purple Clockwork Droid and not sure, that Cyberman might be different.

Doesn’t matter because I want them all!!

*Insert Maniacal Laughter Here*

So now the wait begins………………………………..

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