Nothing but the blame…

I want to make it known that the next few future bloggings (re: the monetary decrease in my bank account) are being blamed on Katee Sackhoff for being too sexy and way too frakking good a sales person.
To be continued……………….

Now if only I had a picture of her holding one of her many action figures! But for now here’s one of Aaron Douglas aka Chief Galen Tyrol.
ps. Don’t ya just love the name Galen? I do!

More actors w/ their own action figures

This is super-awesome!

David Hewlett

aka Dr. Rodney McKay of Stargate Atlantis

New Figure!!

My newest action figure appears to be causing some stress and confusion among the ‘ranks’…



Come on Character Options!!!!!

gimme ace

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 5

Is it too late for Jo Grant? Can the Doctor and the Brigadier save her now that she’s fallen prey to Omega and his Gel Guard slave?!

Series 7 of Doctor Who ((RANT))

This is Series 7 (Yanklation: Season 7) of Doctor Who:

We are currently on:


It’s the same series, folks. That’s why we’re celebrating 50 years NOT 7!!!

For Christ Sake, get it right!!!!


About my bucket list………..

I’m sure I have never mentioned my ‘bucket list’, on this, my left brained blog. Yes, I have a bucket list since I’m like 51 going on death now. *weeps* One of the 7 or so things on my list will finally be fulfilled this year 2nd – 4th August 2013!!


That’s right! I have a VIP ticket to see my Doctor!! Yep I am going to see Sylvester McCoy, star of stage, cinema (see him in the Hobbit!) and ferrets down the trousers!


omg omg omg !!


My Doctor Who Collection: Post 4

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 3.5

I had to share this! I just really like this single picture because it has a sort of depth to it.

A glance into the fantasy .....

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 3

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