More actors w/ their own action figures

This is super-awesome!

David Hewlett

aka Dr. Rodney McKay of Stargate Atlantis


Two things

Two things happen whenever I get involved in a TV show that has its own
action figure line:


and 2:

bye bye $$$

More on this later……………..

New Figure!!

My newest action figure appears to be causing some stress and confusion among the ‘ranks’…



Come on Character Options!!!!!

gimme ace

Doctor Who Collection: Post 6

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 5

Is it too late for Jo Grant? Can the Doctor and the Brigadier save her now that she’s fallen prey to Omega and his Gel Guard slave?!

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 4

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 3.5

I had to share this! I just really like this single picture because it has a sort of depth to it.

A glance into the fantasy .....

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 3

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 2

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