BBC AMERICA: Generosity or Inevitability?

This morning BBC America released last night’s Doctor Who premiere episode of Series 35, (yes, I refuse to call it series 9) “The Magician’s Apprentice” for free to stream on YouTube. We’ve never really seen this type of move from cable TV’s pay-to-view sister of BBC Worldwide. Was this generosity or have they begun to realise that fans are going to stream it regardless? (some even before it graces American screens) Of course fans from places outside the UK applauded BBC America and I myself will give them this; it’s really quite good strategy on their part as they might as well get the glory, be the hero, and maybe hook themselves some future cable subscribers…

Regardless here it is: The Magician’s Apprentice. Enjoy!


Just a Quickie!

TV News I am totally chuffed about!!


Finding Carter, MTV’s new Drama features one of my ALL TIME favourite actresses, Kathryn Prescott of Skins 2nd Generation “Naomily” fame, in which she plays a 16 year old (rather convincingly being that she’s 22 years old now) who after being arrested for a teen prank discovers that she was abducted from her front yard in Virginia 13 years earlier and the cool young mom she’s besties with is actually her abductor. Naturally she is shipped off immediately to live with her birth parents. It’s really a great show. Once I got past a few small issues like Carter worrying too much about boys and such. I mean I’d be absolutely gutted if I was ripped away from someone who was my mom 13 years and given the info she was. But now that I see how much pain, confusion, etc Carter was swallowing and keeping inside it is more realistic now. Kat’s acting is superb and she is joined by Soap veteran Cynthia Watros (Crazy Annie Dutton on Guiding Light! Loved that soap!!) and Alex Denisof (Yep! Wesley of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fame and RL Hubby of Alison Hannigan!) Anyway, I said “a quickie“, didn’t I?? So tune into FINDING CARTER on MTV Tuesday nights 10pm eastern / 9pm central!! Here’s a clip:



Uhm no! And apparently ITV agrees because Ms Kingston (or as I prefer to call her MRS. DOCTOR WHO) will be teaming up with Noel Clarke (Yes that would be the same lad who played Micky/Ricky Smith on Doctor Who) to star in the new four part drama Chasing Shadows, which is set to premiere on Thursday September 4th at 9pm. Here’s a clip:


¬†That’s all for now…… ūüôā


Rant Time!

Puts on broken record again.

Oh for frak sake!

We’re heading into season 34 of Doctor Who not season 8!

Sorry but unless you’re traveling back in time to watch some of Jon Pertwee’s episodes, we’re nowhere near season 8! ¬†This may seem trivial to most fans but im<never humble>o calling Doctor Who NuWho, is the most UN Whovian thing anyone can do.

Doctor Who has been continued, not re-done, rebooted or re-imagined. It’s the same show with the same Doctor, ever-changing/growing yes, but as always continuing, moving on;¬†¬†be it back, forward or sideways in time.

Next time you say season/series 7, 8 or Nu/New Who think of the #¬†50¬†because it’s something to be proud of, yeah?

Series 7 of Doctor Who ((RANT))

This is Series 7 (Yanklation: Season 7) of Doctor Who:

We are currently on:


It’s the same series, folks. That’s why we’re celebrating 50 years NOT 7!!!

For Christ Sake, get it right!!!!


Telly ala mode?

Okay so I have a friend who loves the television show “House, MD.” Whenever she’s watching it and I’m around it always seems interesting and I always say, “One of these days I’m gonna watch that show!” A week ago the day finally¬†came around. I was pretty excited by the prospect of being able to start watching a show with so many season ahead of¬† me to enjoy so I made some food, sat down and keyed up my favourite source for watching previous seasons of shows. I always heard you could learn a lot from an episode of House which is what¬† inspired me to write this very post today entitled:

Five TV shows not to watch while eating dinner

Number 1: House MD. РYou never know when a camera   shot, right up the left snotty nostril will catch you and the  cheese nacho you just shoved in your mouth off guard.

Number 2: True Blood – Most of my friends know I love me some Sookie Stackhouse but spaghetti and meatballs while Sookie suddenly decides to blow the head off of Debbie Pelt at close range with her big o shotgun just doesn’t make for a good meal!

¬†Number 3: Walking Dead – As if Walker Texas Ranger meets the contents of my trash can after a 15 day city garbage strike would ever be appetizing with steak tartar and rice….

Number 4:¬† Bones – what could be so bad with a TV show that’s about reconstructing/identifying dead people from their bones. I mean bones are just bones, right? Hmmm well next time you hunker up in front of the TV with a medium supreme pizza, remember 1 important fact: sometimes where there is bones there can also be rotting flesh which oddly enough kinda resembles slices of medium supreme pizza…. ūüė°

And last but not least:

Number 5: Any television show with the possibility of subjecting its viewers to Glee’s Blaine Andrews with out his hair gel, beauty/fashion advice from Joan Rivers or Rush Limbaugh breathing. ūüėÄ

I’m just glad that my suffering may help and enlighten others that are like myself and still thought having dinner during medical dramas and apocalyptic zombie shows was OK dinner viewing.

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