More actors w/ their own action figures

This is super-awesome!

David Hewlett

aka Dr. Rodney McKay of Stargate Atlantis


Ever Wonder?

It may sound strange but I often wonder how celebrities feel about having their likeness on an action figure? You may be wondering “does this geeky girl have too much time on her hands??” Hmm maybe so okay, probably!

A few months ago I got the idea from someone on tumblr to gather pictures taken of actors with their own action figures and I actually found quite a few!

Trek / DW actors with their own action figures

Trek / DW

actors with their own action figures

Action Heroes

TV Stars

TV Stars

Today I happened to stumble upon a video of an actor talking about how they felt (yep, you guessed it!) about having their own action figure so now I’m on a mission to find more videos of actors showing off their own action figures so hopefully here’s the first to more to come:

Anyone else curious either how they feel or how it would feel to have your own?

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