My Doctor Who Collection: Post 4


My Doctor Who Collection: Post 3.5

I had to share this! I just really like this single picture because it has a sort of depth to it.

A glance into the fantasy .....

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 3

My Doctor Who Collection: Post 2

Action Figure Collection

I started this blog so I could post up pics of my collection of action figures, play-sets. gadget like phasers,¬†etcetera¬†rather than to fill up my regular¬†(right-brained) blog @ Once Upon a Lesbian. I’ve been working on re-doing my shelves and adding more shelves (not to mention dusting, omg!) so I can get some good pictures and moreover make the collection aesthetically pleasing to its lone audience member. Me!

Here’s some of the under construction photos:

Below are some old photos I took a few years back of my Doctor Who collection which was considerably smaller since Character Options was only @ wave 1.

As¬†you can tell I was trying to be all artsy at the time. ūüôā ¬†For me collecting action figures isn’t a profit hobby. I open mine, display¬†them, talk to them,¬†fondle them¬†(not really!) and arrange them into amusing little poses. Since I don’t collect to sell them later all I can surmise is that I simply like looking at them.

Go figure, huh? ;-p

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