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I’m going to write this about me based more on why I am who I am in reference to being a geeky, scifi loving, liberal bleeding heart, fan girl. It’s not a description that defines me totally in every aspect of my life but for this particular blog it is relative.


I didn’t have an easy childhood, both my parents were dead by the time I was 12 years old. Growing up was very difficult, nonetheless so that in 1987 I was living alone, nursing a broken heart after a break-up of a 7 year relationship. I was very depressed, to say the least, but even more so I had become an extremely negative person. One friend had likened me to a black-hole, i.e. sucking in all happiness so everyone around would be as miserable as I was.

One night while channel flipping I landed on my local PBS (The Public Broadcasting Service) and there was some odd program ending that looked somewhat “SciFi-ish.” The TV announcer said another episode was coming on next so I decided to stay tuned and check it out despite the irony that that upcoming episode was entitled “The Happiness Patrol“. I just hoped it wasn’t too cheerful…

That was 25 years, 4 Doctors, 1 helluva long hiatus, 300 books and a little over 500 action figures ago!

Why? It’s simple really; all my life I needed hope, I needed to know it was possible that maybe people were reliable, that even if they left, they were still good and kind. Amy Pond said it best in describing what I was hoping for; “What if you were really old and really kind and alone, your whole race dead with no future. What could you do then? If you were that old and that kind, and the very last of your race, you couldn’t just stand there and watch children cry.” The Doctor become a beacon of hope for me that people could be better, people who were in your life a limited amount of time still meant something good. I started thinking a different way. People don’t always leave. They come, share, enrich my life, stay for a while until change whisks them off to be there for someone else. Every Doctor incarnation since then (and those from before I got to know retroactively) healed a piece of me that was broken.

This may sound crazy or whatever but Doctor Who consists of many ideas that came from writers, and there is nothing crazy about the FACT that words can inspire, enlighten, educate and even heal. Doctor Who, for me, is about HOPE, LOVE and gives me personally a sort of confirmation that GOOD is out there and it is our responsibility to make sure everyone knows “Good is defended!

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  1. Nicely put, and strikes many chords. I was already a hard-core SF fan when Kirk and Spock and crew came along for the first time. I’ve long realized how superior Trek was to most forms of (mainstream) SF. And then I discovered Dr. Who, which takes television SF to a whole new level above Trek. Mind-blowing!! Trek has only a dozen or so episodes I think are truly transcendent (Inner Light for example), but episodes like that are scattered through Dr. Who like raisins in a good (very raisin-y) raisin bread. Trek never brought tears of joy or sorrow so often as does Dr. Who.

    Speaking of whic…

    I saw the new Christmas episode last night. I love how they take something mundane (statues, Christmas trees, Santas, … or SNOW) and make it really scary! Very touching episode, and I really, really like Clara!! I kinda got smitten in that Daleks episode where we meet her and was delighted to see her again. And it looks like she’ll be back. Wonderfully attractive (kinda my type, truth be told), and smart and bold and sassy (way my type!).


    • Speaking of Jenna Louise Coleman, I remember her on Emmerdale and her character was definitely my type. (see clip)


      • I just got back from hanging out with some friends, and I talked them into watching the Christmas episode. NOW they realize what I’ve been going on about these past few years!


      • Oh, yes, and speaking of JLC,… that nose alone is worth some serious study… 🙂

        I just love her interaction with the Doctor. “It’s smaller on the outside.” HA!! Interesting new design for the TARDIS, too… reflective of the Doctor’s darker heart? It’s kind of an industrial-strength serious-minded TARDIS. No more whimsy.


  2. You just gave me a GREAT idea for a post on this blog! woohoo!



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