Clash of Clans: Whovian Clashers! RWAR!!

So after spending 13 years (off and on) playing Asheron’s Call by Turbine and trying out WoW and a few other games I have found the game CLASH OF CLANS by Supercell. I have always loved games like Warcraft and Age of Empires. What do they call those? Empire Builders?? Well CoC is much more than that. The game consists of groups called clans and the clans have a leader, and that leader can appoint elders. As a clan they can fight in Clan Wars against other clans or just fight individually as players. The game has levels like any game but more important than levels is the amount of Trophies you have and the quality of your base. When you first start out your base might be pretty plain with very little defenses.maxresdefault Like in the picture to the right, there might only be 1 or 2 small cannons, an archer tower. So how do you get more defenses? You attack other people’s bases, you win, you get some of their trophies, you lose, they get some of yours. Now I’ve been playing in my spare time since around February and I’m level 79 now with about 2106 Trophies which puts me in Crystal III League where this little guy in the above picture is in the Bronze I league. Here is a screen shot of my base. Since I’ve been using the name Valyard for so many years I decided to go with it. Screenshot_2014-08-18-08-16-46As you can see I have a heck of a lot more defenses than a person in Bronze League would. As you go up and upgrade your town hall you get more defenses and resource collectors like gold mines, drills and such. The game is overall very fun and if you’re in a mature friendly clan like I am it can be a good social experience too. Here’s a few more pictures of me attacking another base. First thing I did was lure any of their troops or heroes awayScreenshot_2014-08-18-07-37-03 then once they were eliminated I released my Hog-riders who target defenses and hit them with a RAGE spell to really make them aggressive. Then a few lightning spells, and some minions which look like Blue Flying Monkeys, btw. And when I am done it looks a bit less populated than before to say the least. As you can see in this last screen shot.


Look at that fierce lightning strike! Oh no wait, that is their hidden tesla zapping my ass to kingdom come.. Oh well, ya win some, ya loose some, eh?






So I mentioned clans before all the screen shots. Clans are a very important part of the game. These are the people you war with, chat with (there is in game chat) and some clans like the one I’m in are even theme oriented. Yes, this does mean there are many many Game of Thrones, Arsenal, and yep you guessed it, DOCTOR WHO clans. The clan I am in has been going through quite a transformation. Our clan name was simply Doctor Who. We had broken off from another clan, that’s right, call also, Doctor Who! There are probably about 200 clans named Doctor Who, Gallifrey, Timelords, TARDIS and so on. I was leader when I first set off to make my own clan. I wanted everyone to feel at home so I gave it the same name. Most of those old clan members followed me and my best friend in game was made leader because as most know, I can’t lead people, in fact I chase people off! *laughs*  So I made the beautiful Charbar leader and she’s a great one. Recently we merged with another clan. And yes they also were named Doctor Who!! Now that we’re all merged and the clan is pretty full to capacity (that would be 50 people) we’ve renamed ourselves “DOCTOR WHO CREW” and I have it on good sources, there are none other with that name!! HA! We really enjoy what we’ve built. We have 8 Co-Leaders assorted Elders and we hold decision making Co chats in KIK and even have our own forums/website. And no, I won’t be giving out the URL of the forums but here are some of our banners that we use on the site. (yes I did make them!)




So if you have yet to try Clash of Clans my friends here below “Highly Suggest” that you do!!


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