Space City Con Houston 2013

So I know I have been very lax on updating this blog. Some of the reason is that I have been job hunting and the other is because I have had so many pictures to go through. I know I had mentioned that my dream was going to come true, that I was finally going to meet my Doctor, the one and only Sylvester McCoy. Well, I did. Last August, around this time last year I went to Houston’s Space City Con and met my favourite Doctor! I got to the hotel and got into my room which was a fantastic room overlooking the lobby! It was never a dull moment down there in the lobby (as you can see) and I greatly enjoyed looking down from the balcony and seeing the “show below” so to speak. I thought it was just lovely how all the20130803_091827se Clone Troopers greeted me!!

My ex was working the con.. (yes this is the one that got away folks) so I had the added pleasure of looking down and seeing her in all her gorgeousness!  (That’s her in the blue shirt & white pants, taking a break from working at the registration desk which she did all weekend. )



Another cool  thing was that I got a con t-shirt and it has a great design with a Stargate on it.. Here I am wearing it on my way out for a spin in the 20130803_124715TARDIS. Don’t worry if you look hard enough you’ll see the Doctor is standing behind me in a long sleeved green shirt with a white vest, so it’s not like the TARDIS was getting stolen (again) or anything. And yes, I was very excited to be this close to my Doctor. In fact I was totally chuffed to be standing so close to him in the photo op. 20130904_173622

I had also ordered a backstage thing and they changed the venue or something and I couldn’t find it or my Doctor so I ended up getting to sit with him at his autograph table and we just talked for about 10 minutes and I told him my favourite episodes with him and told him about how the Merlin thing was intriguing to me and he agreed he enjoyed that “Mystique” of his Doctor. He shared with me that he had just recently had an arthroscopy and of course having had 2 already I knew how he felt, literally. Of course I didn’t have the cool chair like he did.  Below is a picture of him in his motorized chair. The picture quality is very poor but if you look closely you will see that he is playing spoons which is no easy feat considering he’s juggling (heh. so to speak) his microphone 20130803_141841while playing the spoons. This guy is so talented. I know a lot of Whovians think him to be a clown but that’s part of his power as the Doctor. He can play the fool and be luring you into a trap and because he is so brilliant it is usually a trap of your own making..

20130803_135438 And  yes this was him driving all around the audience answering questions and being his over all cheerful & charming self. Check out the kilt!  I wished I could have just stuffed him in my pocket to carried him around with me all weekend. Especially to help me when I encountered these  villains!

        20130803_130032       20130803_101230 Exterminated


Besides facing multiple deaths, all in all the convention was great and I left there with TONS of good memories of the con and since I was born in Houston I got to eat at my favourite restaurant, Monterey’s Tex Mex with my brother, his wife, niece and nephew-in-law.


Awsome-ness from TITAN!

Toy Fair 2014:

Titan Merchandise Doctor Who, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica & More


In the states, Funko have mastered the “down sizing” of popular, pop culture characters into ridiculously adorable Pop! Vinyl figures…that sometimes have bobble heads. In the UK, Titan Merchandise is doing some chibi-ing…some super deforming…some smushing down of features themselves! The line, simply called Titans (which is all sorts of ironic seeing as how they are 3 inch figures..oh those Brits..) and currently includes a horde of tiny Doctor Who characters, but will soon be joined by Battlestar Galactica, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Alien (!!!), Alien vs Predator and Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters.

Ont he show floor at UK Toy Fair, we got an excellent look at plenty of Doctor Who (3 and 6.5 inch), a sneak preview of The Beatles and Battlestar Galactica, and just the merest mention of the other licenses in their Titans line. Take a look!



Thanks for the nomination!

Nothing but the blame…

I want to make it known that the next few future bloggings (re: the monetary decrease in my bank account) are being blamed on Katee Sackhoff for being too sexy and way too frakking good a sales person.
To be continued……………….

Now if only I had a picture of her holding one of her many action figures! But for now here’s one of Aaron Douglas aka Chief Galen Tyrol.
ps. Don’t ya just love the name Galen? I do!

Rant Time!

Puts on broken record again.

Oh for frak sake!

We’re heading into season 34 of Doctor Who not season 8!

Sorry but unless you’re traveling back in time to watch some of Jon Pertwee’s episodes, we’re nowhere near season 8!  This may seem trivial to most fans but im<never humble>o calling Doctor Who NuWho, is the most UN Whovian thing anyone can do.

Doctor Who has been continued, not re-done, rebooted or re-imagined. It’s the same show with the same Doctor, ever-changing/growing yes, but as always continuing, moving on be it back, forward or sideways in time.

Next time you say season/series 7, 8 or Nu/New Who think of the # 50 because it’s something to be proud of, yeah?

More actors w/ their own action figures

This is super-awesome!

David Hewlett

aka Dr. Rodney McKay of Stargate Atlantis

Two things

Two things happen whenever I get involved in a TV show that has its own
action figure line:


and 2:

bye bye $$$

More on this later……………..

Ever Wonder?

It may sound strange but I often wonder how celebrities feel about having their likeness on an action figure? You may be wondering “does this geeky girl have too much time on her hands??” Hmm maybe so okay, probably!

A few months ago I got the idea from someone on tumblr to gather pictures taken of actors with their own action figures and I actually found quite a few!

Trek / DW actors with their own action figures

Trek / DW

actors with their own action figures

Action Heroes

TV Stars

TV Stars

Today I happened to stumble upon a video of an actor talking about how they felt (yep, you guessed it!) about having their own action figure so now I’m on a mission to find more videos of actors showing off their own action figures so hopefully here’s the first to more to come:

Anyone else curious either how they feel or how it would feel to have your own?

New Figure!!

My newest action figure appears to be causing some stress and confusion among the ‘ranks’…



Come on Character Options!!!!!

gimme ace

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