Awsome-ness from TITAN!

Toy Fair 2014:

Titan Merchandise Doctor Who, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica & More


In the states, Funko have mastered the “down sizing” of popular, pop culture characters into ridiculously adorable Pop! Vinyl figures…that sometimes have bobble heads. In the UK, Titan Merchandise is doing some chibi-ing…some super deforming…some smushing down of features themselves! The line, simply called Titans (which is all sorts of ironic seeing as how they are 3 inch figures..oh those Brits..) and currently includes a horde of tiny Doctor Who characters, but will soon be joined by Battlestar Galactica, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Alien (!!!), Alien vs Predator and Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters.

Ont he show floor at UK Toy Fair, we got an excellent look at plenty of Doctor Who (3 and 6.5 inch), a sneak preview of The Beatles and Battlestar Galactica, and just the merest mention of the other licenses in their Titans line. Take a look!

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  1. Star Wars characters have light sabers, and Dr. Who has a sonic screwdriver. Guess his villans are cream puffs-ha ha!


    • So let’s look at your statement.

      Star Wars characters have light sabers.
      I can attest to the fact that this is true.

      Dr. Who has a sonic screwdriver.

      It is true that The character of the Doctor in Doctor Who has a Sonic Screwdriver.

      Guess his villans are cream puffs-ha ha!

      Well, now there’s a totally off the wall unrelated statement! The minute I read this I instantly felt my IQ plummet. You seem to have oddly surmised that because The Doctor (a good guy) carries a Sonic Screwdriver, and because Star Wars Characters have light sabers, that Doctor Who villains (the correct spelling of the word) are cream puffs. Let me ask you, do you often add 1 + 2 = Lawn Mower?

      You’re argument stated two facts and an unrelated (not to mention untrue) one. So maybe next time do your research. Look up Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, The Silence, and The Master. I think you’ll find the VILLAINS in Doctor Who are neither pastries or weak in their level and brand of Evil.

      But thanks for the laugh and don’t worry my IQ will recover. 🙂


      • What I meant was, that a character that only has a screwdriver to protect himself, would wind up dead pretty quick if his villains were not sissies. 🙂 and he eats jelly bellies. Anyone that eats jelly bellies has to be a bed wetter!


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