Series 7 of Doctor Who ((RANT))

This is Series 7 (Yanklation: Season 7) of Doctor Who:

We are currently on:


It’s the same series, folks. That’s why we’re celebrating 50 years NOT 7!!!

For Christ Sake, get it right!!!!


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  1. eggstirmen8

     /  February 20, 2013

    I just want to point out that viewers (and mavens) of the Doctor in the US have a right to be completely confused.

    a) We didn’t get Doctor Who until the 1970s (due in large part – to the vagaries of the Public Broadcasting Act signed in the late 1960s). For many of us, we didn’t know that Tom Baker was not the first Doctor for …way too long.

    b) Even when our public broadcasters started carrying earlier Doctors, the Beeb (through Lionheart, at the time) was releasing seriously limited amounts of content for Doctors 1 and 2 – and even Pertwee was limited.

    c) Even the modern series has been on three different networks at enough different time slots to make your head spin. AND has been popular.

    In many ways it was the Internet that allowed Doctor Who to catch on in the states, it allowed for geographic enclaves of Doctor Who fans to find one another.

    So, please forgive us – some of the drastic measures that those of us in the US have had to take to remain fans through the years are comical.

    I’ve been a fan for almost 30 years….and it took me about 10 years to figure this whole thing out.


  2. Understood, However my point remains. It is season 33 not 7. There is no new and old series, there is the one series only. 🙂



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