What If…….

I‘ve a scary thought here. Actually I can’t take credit for it, really. First let me tell you about this group from New Orleans that I have been hanging out with on FaceBook and some of them in person (here in Baton Rouge, La. @ 7pm on Tuesday nights @ The Londoner Pub) watching Doctor Who and getting my weekly Harp Lager fix.

The group is call KREWE DU WHO which is also part of  The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus.


Anyhow, there was a great discussion on the forum about:

What if  The Gentlemen (from Buffy:TVS) and The Silence (from Doctor Who) joined forces? I mean they already share a love of black suits, right?

Thus here you have it the genius idea of a girl named Christine Loveless (Sadly, no relation to Lily) and my action figure collections together to form the ::::drumroll::::



Check out Krewe Du Who even if you don’t live in Louisiana 🙂

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  1. Funny! Hey, did you see the TARDIS I’m building? Drop by and check it out sometime!



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