My Doctor Who Collection: Post 2

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  2. Ah, our poor suffering dogs! 🙂

    Weeping Angels… I’m not prone to monster stories. They don’t do much for me. I don’t really have any belief in non-human monsters (the human sort are plenty enough horror for the world), so monster stories generally leave me kinda “meh, whatever.” (Ghost stories can get under my skin, because one can almost work up a belief in ghosts, so there’s some tiny outside chance they could be real. So I do find movies like The Ring and Ju-On and What Lies Beneath very creepy.)

    Ah, but the Weeping Angels… they do scare me.

    (Except for the Statue of Liberty in the last episode. That was just dumb. GREAT idea, but no way to pull it off without it being dumb. NO ONE saw a gigantic Weeping Angel strolling unseen through the streets of the City that never sleeps?? Yeah, right (by which I mean to imply, no effin’ way). Disappointing in an otherwise very moving episode. (But aren’t we all just a little tired of Amy and Rory Pond? I really loved Rose, and Donna was a stitch, but I’ve always kind of had a thing for Martha.))



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