Telly ala mode?

Okay so I have a friend who loves the television show “House, MD.” Whenever she’s watching it and I’m around it always seems interesting and I always say, “One of these days I’m gonna watch that show!” A week ago the day finally came around. I was pretty excited by the prospect of being able to start watching a show with so many season ahead of  me to enjoy so I made some food, sat down and keyed up my favourite source for watching previous seasons of shows. I always heard you could learn a lot from an episode of House which is what  inspired me to write this very post today entitled:

Five TV shows not to watch while eating dinner

Number 1: House MD. – You never know when a camera   shot, right up the left snotty nostril will catch you and the  cheese nacho you just shoved in your mouth off guard.

Number 2: True Blood – Most of my friends know I love me some Sookie Stackhouse but spaghetti and meatballs while Sookie suddenly decides to blow the head off of Debbie Pelt at close range with her big o shotgun just doesn’t make for a good meal!

 Number 3: Walking Dead – As if Walker Texas Ranger meets the contents of my trash can after a 15 day city garbage strike would ever be appetizing with steak tartar and rice….

Number 4:  Bones – what could be so bad with a TV show that’s about reconstructing/identifying dead people from their bones. I mean bones are just bones, right? Hmmm well next time you hunker up in front of the TV with a medium supreme pizza, remember 1 important fact: sometimes where there is bones there can also be rotting flesh which oddly enough kinda resembles slices of medium supreme pizza…. 😡

And last but not least:

Number 5: Any television show with the possibility of subjecting its viewers to Glee’s Blaine Andrews with out his hair gel, beauty/fashion advice from Joan Rivers or Rush Limbaugh breathing. 😀

I’m just glad that my suffering may help and enlighten others that are like myself and still thought having dinner during medical dramas and apocalyptic zombie shows was OK dinner viewing.

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  1. I believe we’ve talked about House, M.D. before, so I won’t link you back to my article or go into the Holmes = House connection. It’s still one of my favorite shows.

    I was watching,… I donno, I don’t remember, but one of those CSI or crime shows where you can run into dead bodies. (Especially when the coroner is one of the main characters, Ducky on NCIS, Dr. Isles on Rizzoli & Isles, etc.) Anyway, I was eating chili. I noticed the juxtaposition and monitored my internal reactions… Turns out I’m not squeamish. I’d prolly be the cop at the horrific crime scene eating a sandwich.

    (In fact, I’m fascinated watching them draw my own blood or give injections, so I guess I’m really not squeamish. Haven’t yet scene film gore that I found affecting.)


  1. House MD, Hans Zimmer, and how I feel this morning. « Murphy's Lawless

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