Want vs Need?

Ever want to tell the parents in your head to shut up?

I can hear my dad now yelling saying,

“You NEED water!”, “You NEED employment!”, “You NEED food!”

“BUT You don’t NEED that!!!!!”

*whispers*  (But it’s awesome and I kind of do…)

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  1. I know what you mean 🙂


  2. My buddy and his wife have that conversation sometimes when he “needs” a new outboard motor or ice-fishing rod. One advantage to being single: I don’t! 😀

    Somehow I missed the collectable items train (the books train, that I did not miss). Maybe it’s related to also never being as into making model kits as some I know. Being poor might have been driver; didn’t have a lot of “things” growing up. (Library books were free! And once the parents paid off the small B&W TV, television was free, too!)

    On the other hand, the book, CD and DVD collection is pretty extensive… maybe not up to serious, devoted collectors (I don’t have entire rooms devoted to anything), but a lot more than most people own. Many, many boxes when I have to move. All the physical collectable or saveable items probably fit in one box (okay, maybe two).

    Being a fan has its own way of expression doesn’t it! If I had any shame on the matter whatsoever, I’d be embarrassed by how many Star Trek original novels I have… But, hey! My life, my playtime!! 🙂



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