BBC AMERICA: Generosity or Inevitability?

This morning BBC America released last night’s Doctor Who premiere episode of Series 35, (yes, I refuse to call it series 9) “The Magician’s Apprentice” for free to stream on YouTube. We’ve never really seen this type of move from cable TV’s pay-to-view sister of BBC Worldwide. Was this generosity or have they begun to realise that fans are going to stream it regardless? (some even before it graces American screens) Of course fans from places outside the UK applauded BBC America and I myself will give them this; it’s really quite good strategy on their part as they might as well get the glory, be the hero, and maybe hook themselves some future cable subscribers…

Regardless here it is: The Magician’s Apprentice. Enjoy!




I do think Crazy Eyes’ aren’t near crazy enough!


Okay, here it comes…….. Omgomgomgomgomg!!! Squeeeeeee!

These are Time Squad figures: I have everyone. (Daleks/Davros not shown)

timesquadHere’s a better picture from as my phone takes rubbish photos. Dr__Who_Time_Squad_Figures_by_CyberDroneNothing new has been released since 2010. But my long wait is finally over!!!

tsfigAnd I will tell you that no release has thrilled me as much as this since the release of the 5″ Ace figure! I love these little guys! And I have wanted more for a very very long time!

(Okay, a couple years!! But it feels like eons!)

So it looks like there will be Doctors #11 and 12, Clara, a green version of the Odd (formerly released), a purple Clockwork Droid and not sure, that Cyberman might be different.

Doesn’t matter because I want them all!!

*Insert Maniacal Laughter Here*

So now the wait begins………………………………..

You know you’re a proper old school geek when…

You are in the kitchen making authentic Mexican tostadas and guacamole and you suddenly realize that the only limes you have are two black shriveled up ones that you’ve no idea how long you’ve had. So you cut open the first lime, try squeezing it and sadly, it’s dry as can be. You pick up the 2nd lime, cut it open and see unexpected glistening inner juices. You lift it above the guacamole that you needed it for and while squeezing suddenly you find yourself yelling,

              “It’s A LIME!!!”


Toys + Books + Etc.

Assorted pieces of my collections.












Every Saturday evening BBC America show Doctor Who (Current Series 34) and during the commercials (yes BBCA has LOADS of them) they encourage the Whovians who are watching to play trivia @ and of course I always do!

Sadly, it has come to my attention that this show (which is something that I live and breath) and it’s knowledge is leaking out of my brain.. Yes, that is what I am saying!! Something is reversing the polarity of my mental volumes of  Whovian knowledge! I SUCK AT THIS TRIVIA!!! It’s timed so it’s not that every one else is just googling their answers! I’m losing knowledge!

Look at these scores:



Okay, so I gotta know….

What helps improve memory!?

and where’s the Doctor when I need em?



Just a Quickie!

TV News I am totally chuffed about!!


Finding Carter, MTV’s new Drama features one of my ALL TIME favourite actresses, Kathryn Prescott of Skins 2nd Generation “Naomily” fame, in which she plays a 16 year old (rather convincingly being that she’s 22 years old now) who after being arrested for a teen prank discovers that she was abducted from her front yard in Virginia 13 years earlier and the cool young mom she’s besties with is actually her abductor. Naturally she is shipped off immediately to live with her birth parents. It’s really a great show. Once I got past a few small issues like Carter worrying too much about boys and such. I mean I’d be absolutely gutted if I was ripped away from someone who was my mom 13 years and given the info she was. But now that I see how much pain, confusion, etc Carter was swallowing and keeping inside it is more realistic now. Kat’s acting is superb and she is joined by Soap veteran Cynthia Watros (Crazy Annie Dutton on Guiding Light! Loved that soap!!) and Alex Denisof (Yep! Wesley of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fame and RL Hubby of Alison Hannigan!) Anyway, I said “a quickie“, didn’t I?? So tune into FINDING CARTER on MTV Tuesday nights 10pm eastern / 9pm central!! Here’s a clip:



Uhm no! And apparently ITV agrees because Ms Kingston (or as I prefer to call her MRS. DOCTOR WHO) will be teaming up with Noel Clarke (Yes that would be the same lad who played Micky/Ricky Smith on Doctor Who) to star in the new four part drama Chasing Shadows, which is set to premiere on Thursday September 4th at 9pm. Here’s a clip:


 That’s all for now…… 🙂


Clash of Clans: Whovian Clashers! RWAR!!

So after spending 13 years (off and on) playing Asheron’s Call by Turbine and trying out WoW and a few other games I have found the game CLASH OF CLANS by Supercell. I have always loved games like Warcraft and Age of Empires. What do they call those? Empire Builders?? Well CoC is much more than that. The game consists of groups called clans and the clans have a leader, and that leader can appoint elders. As a clan they can fight in Clan Wars against other clans or just fight individually as players. The game has levels like any game but more important than levels is the amount of Trophies you have and the quality of your base. When you first start out your base might be pretty plain with very little defenses.maxresdefault Like in the picture to the right, there might only be 1 or 2 small cannons, an archer tower. So how do you get more defenses? You attack other people’s bases, you win, you get some of their trophies, you lose, they get some of yours. Now I’ve been playing in my spare time since around February and I’m level 79 now with about 2106 Trophies which puts me in Crystal III League where this little guy in the above picture is in the Bronze I league. Here is a screen shot of my base. Since I’ve been using the name Valyard for so many years I decided to go with it. Screenshot_2014-08-18-08-16-46As you can see I have a heck of a lot more defenses than a person in Bronze League would. As you go up and upgrade your town hall you get more defenses and resource collectors like gold mines, drills and such. The game is overall very fun and if you’re in a mature friendly clan like I am it can be a good social experience too. Here’s a few more pictures of me attacking another base. First thing I did was lure any of their troops or heroes awayScreenshot_2014-08-18-07-37-03 then once they were eliminated I released my Hog-riders who target defenses and hit them with a RAGE spell to really make them aggressive. Then a few lightning spells, and some minions which look like Blue Flying Monkeys, btw. And when I am done it looks a bit less populated than before to say the least. As you can see in this last screen shot.


Look at that fierce lightning strike! Oh no wait, that is their hidden tesla zapping my ass to kingdom come.. Oh well, ya win some, ya loose some, eh?






So I mentioned clans before all the screen shots. Clans are a very important part of the game. These are the people you war with, chat with (there is in game chat) and some clans like the one I’m in are even theme oriented. Yes, this does mean there are many many Game of Thrones, Arsenal, and yep you guessed it, DOCTOR WHO clans. The clan I am in has been going through quite a transformation. Our clan name was simply Doctor Who. We had broken off from another clan, that’s right, call also, Doctor Who! There are probably about 200 clans named Doctor Who, Gallifrey, Timelords, TARDIS and so on. I was leader when I first set off to make my own clan. I wanted everyone to feel at home so I gave it the same name. Most of those old clan members followed me and my best friend in game was made leader because as most know, I can’t lead people, in fact I chase people off! *laughs*  So I made the beautiful Charbar leader and she’s a great one. Recently we merged with another clan. And yes they also were named Doctor Who!! Now that we’re all merged and the clan is pretty full to capacity (that would be 50 people) we’ve renamed ourselves “DOCTOR WHO CREW” and I have it on good sources, there are none other with that name!! HA! We really enjoy what we’ve built. We have 8 Co-Leaders assorted Elders and we hold decision making Co chats in KIK and even have our own forums/website. And no, I won’t be giving out the URL of the forums but here are some of our banners that we use on the site. (yes I did make them!)




So if you have yet to try Clash of Clans my friends here below “Highly Suggest” that you do!!


Wizard Con New Orleans 2014

I’m slowly but surely making an attempt to catch this blog up to my actual life events. In March of this year I took my sissy and myself to Wizard Con in New Orleans. That’s right I got us two of the “Matt Smith Experience VIP tickets“. For those of you who don’t know Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor in the British telly show “Doctor Who”. This is the kid’s Doctor! Another big plus about this convention was that so many of our friends/acquaintances live in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

A bit of history on the Doctor Who groups in my part of Louisiana.

In New Orleans the main Doctor Who group is called Krewe Du Who. The Krewe part I suppose comes from them being the Whovian contingent that rolls yearly in the Chewbacchus Parade. There is a huge amount of Cos players in that group and they even have their own collectible trading cards depicting the specific character they like dressing up as. 191092170(See examples) so for me seeing all of them in their best costumes was totally thrilling, especially my two friends who cos play as Ace and the Seventh Doctor. We have a group here in Baton Rouge that meets every Tuesday at a local restaurant to watch Doctor Who episodes. We simply call that group the Doctor Who Baton Rouge Viewing Group.

It only took a few minutes once we got there to find the booth that the groups had set up. wizcinp1They were giving away trading cards and selling T-shirts. I got a little of each! So once we said hello to our friends, the kid and I headed off to take our photo-op with Matt Smith!! (see picture below, but don’t look too close as I was sick and looked like death warmed over)

The Kid was so excited after she had her picture with Matt she cried like a baby and she was shaking. Must be lovely to get that excited and out pour that much emotion, I thought is we walked away from the signing area. Of course unbeknownst to me I had a bit of future excitement in store for me too. (more on that in a second )

We met back up with our friends and we all walked around for a while as a group. While walking around we met up with a David Tennant look-alike and had her picture taken with him. We had lunch and then headed over to get our autographs from Matt Smith. WizCon41

It was really great to be able to speak with him. It was truly surreal. And of course the kid again with the tears because he said “love you too” in reply. So we leave after getting the autograph and I’m looking through the bags that I have in my hands and the kid is talking to some friends when I look up and see standing pretty much right across from me, less than 5 feet away me is Linda Hamilton star of the Terminator and the original TV series beauty and the beast. lham

She standing up on a platform looking like she’s getting ready to leave and if you’ve ever seen those cartoons were persons mouth falls wide open in shock and they’re practically drooling, will that was me. I’m surprise she paid me any notice whatsoever she must have people look at her like that all the time. But she looked me directly and I said hi come on over here, she actually met me halfway. Luckily I recovered from my drooling and was able to string a few sentences together to let her know that because of her and her TV show I discovered Shakespeare’s Sonnets. I thanked her for being so talented. I’m sure I sounded like a rabid fan to her but if she thought that you’d never know it she listen to everything I said with the greatest interest it as she was walking off I called after her and said, oh and btw you were really beautiful in that episode of Lost Girl the other night when I watched it. She stopped dead in her tracks ran back over to me and gave me a huge kiss on the cheek and said I was such a sweetheart!! When I walked back over to the kid she looked at me with the type of understanding that seemed truly beyond her years!!

So my big thrill at the convention was the “Linda Hamilton Experience”….


Here’s some more pics:



Better late than never!

Just consider this my delayed reaction, o’rite.



 Version 1 Ace w/ rucksack



 Below:  Coming soon; Version 2 Ace w/boombox











Both versions as seen in Remembrance of the Daleks

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